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A beautiful blossom, no more than a bud,
Showed such a great promise and promised so much.
For so much was given  as each petal unfurled,
Each delicate curl came from all that it touched-
For each touch became part and each part became much.

Some seasons were hard,  but most were quite kind.
Each added more petals, more beauty, more life.
This bud became blossom and in itís own time
This bloom became flower and no one would asked why

No one would ask why but many knew how
As they watched fulfillment of the promise come now.
Since all who have entered this garden in turn
Have been touched by this heart,
And so in return each heart became much.
As so much was given and still promised so much-
Therein lies the promise that was seen as a bud

This flower grew stronger and still stronger it grew
And all who have seen it have been those who knew.
For they have been part of the fortune that wrought
This most beautiful flower, a most beautiful love.

I too have been touched by this wondrous rose.
This sweet lovely blossom whose blossom still grows.
Still giving so much as so much is given
To fulfill all the promise the promise had given.

For I have become part of all that was touched.
For each touch became part and each part became much.
So much has been given of the promise that such-
Being touched by that Heart
My Heart became much!