Flower of My Heart

The concept of "Flower of My Heart" came about in a truly inspired poem I wrote in 1993 where I examined the wonder of a dear friend whose gentle-ness brought me to an understanding of the goodness within me that at that time in my life, was buried by a lifetime of emotional abuse and self doubt.

Our Heart is as a garden, filled with the seeds planted therein throughout our lives. Which of these we choose to allow to take root and flourish in this garden will be the filter through which we live our life: Flowers or Weeds!

We all have hearts with weed patches that generally we try to hide and hide from. Yet, if we strive to live our lives in love, care, warmth, and compassion, we will provide no nourishment to these noxious infestations and one by one, they will wither and die. Their sharp, thorny remains will then be over-grown with the flowers of beauty and light!!